“In all the world, there is no heart for me like yours. In all the world, there is no love for you like mine.

– Maya Angelou

Love.  What does it mean?

These seven couples open up about what love means to each other.

Jim & Stephanie Boyd


Because Jim is so spontaneous, he makes life full of fun!  I love all of our travelling, date nights, family days and adventures.  I just can’t imagine life without my best friend.”

– Stephanie

“Words could never capture the awe I experience in her presence.  She is everything light, in an otherwise dark world.  She is joy personified.  She is oxygen and without her I would suffocate in this world.”



Amanda & Ian Sadler


“My husband always thinks about me first. He does not mind if the house is a mess or that supper isn’t ready. He comes home and helps and makes sure I am good. My happiness is his happiness.”



“I love that my wife loves me as I am.  She works to help me become a better person.  But she loves me as I am.”



Kyle & Anita Broussard

The thing I most love about Anita is how much she is willing to give up for our family.  She’s constantly thinking of ways to show me and our kids how much she love us.  She could easily complain about how little time she has for herself, but never does.  If any of our family or friends need help, she’s always willing to go the extra mile.  I’m so blessed that God chose to bring us together, because living life with Anita just keeps getting better every year.”


Kyle not only accepted me just as I was! He loved all of the things about me other people wanted to change. He loved me so much I was able to begin to see myself in a more positive way. His love for me taught me how to love myself.”


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Victor & Chelsey Beda

“I love how Victor lets me be %100 myself, he takes the good with the bad…and still looks at me like he wants to eat me up at the end of the day”

– Chelsey

One of my favorite things about Chelsey, is when she wants to cook with me.  We’ve created so many cool things together, and when we get together to make and enjoy a meal, we feel connected through food!”

– Victor


Glenn & Sherri Watson


“Glenn shows me his love by serving me and accepting me as I am. He is definitely my best friend and I have enjoyed being with him all these 32 years!

– Sherri

“Sherri has filled my life with laughter and fun for over three decades!  We’ve been best friends and partners through more adventures than I can count. Through all of life’s ups and downs, she’s always there, sharing the journey, making it a joy.”


me and yoav


Nadean & Yoav Quittner

“Yoav is my rock. My loving, hug-able rock. When I am being pulled in all different directions, he helps me come back together. I know that no matter what happens when, or where, he will always be there for me.”

– Nadean

“Nadean, I love you because you are ambitious. You push me always to be better. You are independent and know how to calm me down or just let me be when I get upset. You are an amazing mom and very adventurous. You make me a better person. You are my Luba”

– Yoav



Iltid & Joanne Perkins

We just got back from the most wonderful summer cruise. Seven weeks on our sailboat and it was marvelous. The trust, friendship and the shared goals was what made it so special.”


Whatever it is that’s bothering you, it won’t matter in twenty years; In fact, it won’t even matter that much tomorrow morning.”


*     *     *

“Love doesn’t make the world go round, love is what makes the ride worthwhile.”

– Elizabeth Browning

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Our Favorite Date Nights

Part of staying strong in your marriage is getting out of ruts by stopping doing the same old thing all the time. Let me ask you this: have you ever gone on a date with your spouse – maybe for dinner – and just stared at each other – not quite knowing what to say? You may have experienced this less than stellar kind of date were asking, what can get the conversation rolling and the romantic juices flowing again? Where is the spice that brings back the life in our marriage? Well, here are some of our all time favorite date nights to inspire you, brought to you by your very own BCC committee members.

Rod & Judy

For Rod, no date is better than taking Judy out for a bite to eat. They get talking over dinner. Next they are burning up the dance floor…once the heat is turned up, they take it home… What a night!

Judy’s ideal date is slightly different. Judy loves talking to Rod as they drive out to their vacation property. The drive gives them lots of uninterrupted conversation time. Once they arrive, they sit out on the deck, under the stars while sipping a glass of wine.

Clay & Kate

What really gets Clay & Kate excited is going out to try a new ethnic food, like Peruvian or Ethiopian. Also, before a date, they each try to make time to read articles of personal interest. Then, even though Kate and Clay like reading about different things, they discuss the latest news over dinner.

Victor & Chelsey

Nothing stimulates conversation better for Chelsey & Victor than going out for a walk together. They used to go out for dinner and do the stare down, but no more! Taking a stroll to a coffee shop about 45 mins walk away is their little secret. The movement really stimulates talking about all things; the good, the bad, you name it! With kids at home, sometimes all their is time for is a short reprieve together and this one fits the bill.

Ray & Margaret

A special date for Ray and Margaret takes them to the mountains of Banff.
Their day warms up on the drive, by having free time to talk in the car. Bow Falls is their first destination. Once they are full of the sights they move on to the second course: The Banff Springs Hotel. Inside the busy hub, they seek out the organ room, quiet and secluded. They each find a place to sit down and journal individually. Next, they enjoy the entrée together: sharing each other’s contemplations. It’s amazing to them how different each other’s perspectives are, and yet how well they weave together.

Joe & Jacqueline

To check out of the daily grind Jacqueline and Joe like to book a hotel, even if it’s only in downtown Calgary, and check into each other. It’s nice to truly relax by taking a day and a half off for each other. They like to start by going out for dinner, and having wine without worrying about driving. Sometimes they will rent an in-room movie (even though their sound system is better at home). Jacqueline relishes the fact that everything is walking distance from the hotel…She finds there is so much tireless driving in everyday life and its refreshing to walk to everywhere, allowing them to give each other their full attention.

Whatever date suits your fancy, it’s important to connect through the pillar of conversation. Keep exchanging. Relax, have fun. Let your hair down (or keep it up); just keep the words moving between each other. Appreciate each other’s differences (after all, if we were all the same how fun would that be?) Enjoy the little things. Not every date has to cost a fortune, but if it does embrace and celebrate it. Feel the love between each other and let it melt in.



What gets your date mojo on?

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Dear Diary …

We have all been here … that’s why we go to Banff Couples Conference.

Posted on Laura Gray’s Facebook page (daughter of John Gray – Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus)

Dear Diary

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Another Great Way to Improve Your Relationship Right Now

Banff Couples Conference was recently featured on CBC radio with Dr. Trina Read. Check it out here:

Come to the Banff Couples Conference – there is still room available at this years’ conference, February 21-23, 2014.  For one weekend, put aside the troubles and invest in your future. You need one another. Let the natural beauty of the Chateau Lake Louise area seep into your pores, let the warmth of your partner’s touch warm your body, let their eyes take in grandeur that is you, and the words you share build a sacred place between the two of you.  Come and continue to fall in love all over again.

Register now at:




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A Great Way to Improve Your Relationship

We have spent several weeks talking about ways to improve your relationship but haven’t mentioned the way we improve our relationship every year, the gift we give each other once a year that we can use all year long – Banff Couples Conference.

Read below what has recently been written by attendees of the conference:

A remarkable relationship building experience takes place annually in the beautiful Rocky Mountains at the Banff Couples Conference. Couples gather at the Chateau Lake Louise to experience a professionally facilitated weekend of discovery and romance.

2013 was a hard year on families and marriages. There was the flood. Some Albertans still don’t have homes; some have incurred financial hardship while rebuilding their homes. Some people are silently watching their loved one fight disease – whether it is physical or mental, and some have lost family members. Many Albertans work in the oil and gas sector or for businesses that support it and may have been affected by the selloff of some Canadian assets in an effort to be remain profitable. These are just some of the public challenges. There are many more challenges that are quietly fought. These all spell stress, stress on families, stress on marriages. Do these ring true in your world?

It is during these times that couples often pull away from one another. They are certain that if they just don’t tell their partner about their stresses, they can protect them from additional pain. They really don’t need one more thing to stress them out. In reality, what couples need is to turn towards each other and be closer. Close enough that you can gather your courage and whisper to your partner what it is you need from them without feeling fear of judgment or retribution. What you need is to feel cherished, valued, loved, desired, and to let your partner know what that looks like in your world. Perhaps appreciation needs to be shared with the other. Open the lines of communication and be honest but kind. But how? How does one create the sacred space to share those thoughts? How do you start?

We encourage you to come to the Banff Couples Conference this year. For one weekend, put aside the troubles and invest in your future. You need one another. Let the natural beauty of the Chateau Lake Louise area seep into your pores, let the warmth of your partner’s touch warm your body, let their eyes take in grandeur that is you, and the words you share build a sacred place between the two of you. Come and continue to fall in love all over again.


You will fall in love all over again at the Banff Couples Conference on February 21 to 23, 2014. There are still spots available for this year’s conference.
To register for this year’s conference go to

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Ways to Improve Your Relationship Right Now – Week 8

Use Technology

  • Ask him to send a baby picture of himself or another picture without you in it and make it your computer wallpaper (“That shot of you and your Grandpa Rex after you caught that big salmon? Superhot.”)
  • Change the background of her phone to a picture of the two of you.
  • Make a playlist of all the songs that remind you of your relationship and put it on his iPod, iPhone or a USB stick.
  • Copy and paste the lyrics from a love song into an email and send it to her.
  • Send him a link to a song on YouTube that makes you think of him.
  • Think about something you’ve both wanted to do together (travel to Costa Rica, learn French, build a fence, etc.) and find a TV show you can tape, or a website that shows you how to do it. Plan a date night around watching it together.
  • Email her an old photo of the two of you on vacation or your wedding day.
  • Set the DVR to record a show she’s been talking about but hasn’t yet recorded. Or look for a show you know she’ll like and tape it for her.
  • Clean his computer keyboard and monitor.
  • In the middle of the day, send a text message that says “Thinking of you.”


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Ways to Improve Your Relationship Right Now – Week 7

Where does the time go? After a month long hiatus from writing ‘Ways to Improve Your Relationship Right Now’ here is week 7. Hopefully you have been improving your relationship without any prompts from me.

Surprises are a great way to show how much you care and don’t forget that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. What if every day was Valentine’s Day?


• Leave an open bottle of wine and an empty glass in the kitchen for your spouse after a long, hard day. Hopefully you’ll be able to join for a glass, but even if you’re working late or taking the kids to soccer practice, it’s a sign of how much you appreciate him/her.
• Keep gifts for him hidden in the house so you’ll have a surprise for him if he’s had a bad day.
• Get him a subscription to a magazine he likes.
• Buy a pack of his brand of clean underwear. Next time he needs to do laundry but doesn’t have time, give it to him.
• Pre-order a book from Amazon from an author you know she loves so it’ll arrive right after it’s published.
• Just once, upgrade to a small luxury item you know she likes but doesn’t usually indulge in—super soft toilet paper, organic arugula, a fancy bottle of wine.
• Start planning her next gift right now. Figure out the date of the next big holiday—a birthday, anniversary or religious celebration—and think about what she might want. Pay attention to things she says she wants and write them down. Thinking about giving will extend the joy we get from being generous.
• Scrawl a heart and your initials in the steam on the bathroom mirror. He’ll see it if he comes in right away, or next time the mirror fogs up.
• Write love notes and put them places you know you’re partner will find them: in his coat pocket, in her jewelry box, in the silverware drawer, on the laptop keyboard.
• Send flowers to her/his office. It doesn’t have to be a fancy bouquet; anything fresh-cut will look pretty on their desk and remind them of you.

happy couple

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