Are you a Mind Reader? – John Gray

Daily email from John Gray –

Bad communication is usually the result of mistaken assumptions. It often happens in long-term loving relationships. we feel like we know so much about the other person that we can actually read their mind.

Women are pretty good at reading the minds of other women. Men are pretty good at reading the minds of other men. But when men and women start reading the minds of each other, trouble is inevitable.

Sometimes in a conversation, a man prematurely decides that he knows what a woman is saying. He may be listening and then before she is finished, he says, “I got it. I got it.” But this only frustrates her because many times as she is talking, she is in process of finding out what she is feeling, talking and wanting. A man needs to understand that if a woman needs to talk, his purpose is to support her by listening.

This tip can reduce frustration in your relationship tremendously. A woman can avoid feeling frustrated because her man always interrupts her while a man can avoid feeling frustrated thinking he has to offer her a solution.

Grow in Love

John Gray, Ph.D.


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Committee member of the Banff Couples Conference Organizing Committee. Married to Marilyn. Seven kids and 3 grandkids. Past Chair Couple for BCC.
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