Ways to Improve Your Relationship Right Now – Week 5

So here is Week 5 with even more suggestions! There are five weeks of ideas, have you tried one yet?

Friends and Family

  • Next time a member of your partner’s family calls and you answer the phone, stay on the line a chat a minute before handing off the phone. They’ll be touched that you want to speak to their relatives.
  • Invite his/her best friend to dinner and stay for a drink, then cut out to give the two of them some time together.
  •  Ask about the people in your partner’s past and what they meant to him/her.
  • Read a book to your child together, switching off pages.
  • Bring him/her a glass of wine (or water) when they are doing something (ex: paying bills, helping your child with her homework, making dinner).
  • When something needs doing that is not usually your duty be the first one to get up (you hear the baby crying in the middle of the night, the dishes needs doing, yard work needs doing).
  • Write their parent a note, and praise them on how well they raised their child.


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