A Great Way to Improve Your Relationship

We have spent several weeks talking about ways to improve your relationship but haven’t mentioned the way we improve our relationship every year, the gift we give each other once a year that we can use all year long – Banff Couples Conference.

Read below what has recently been written by attendees of the conference:

A remarkable relationship building experience takes place annually in the beautiful Rocky Mountains at the Banff Couples Conference. Couples gather at the Chateau Lake Louise to experience a professionally facilitated weekend of discovery and romance.

2013 was a hard year on families and marriages. There was the flood. Some Albertans still don’t have homes; some have incurred financial hardship while rebuilding their homes. Some people are silently watching their loved one fight disease – whether it is physical or mental, and some have lost family members. Many Albertans work in the oil and gas sector or for businesses that support it and may have been affected by the selloff of some Canadian assets in an effort to be remain profitable. These are just some of the public challenges. There are many more challenges that are quietly fought. These all spell stress, stress on families, stress on marriages. Do these ring true in your world?

It is during these times that couples often pull away from one another. They are certain that if they just don’t tell their partner about their stresses, they can protect them from additional pain. They really don’t need one more thing to stress them out. In reality, what couples need is to turn towards each other and be closer. Close enough that you can gather your courage and whisper to your partner what it is you need from them without feeling fear of judgment or retribution. What you need is to feel cherished, valued, loved, desired, and to let your partner know what that looks like in your world. Perhaps appreciation needs to be shared with the other. Open the lines of communication and be honest but kind. But how? How does one create the sacred space to share those thoughts? How do you start?

We encourage you to come to the Banff Couples Conference this year. For one weekend, put aside the troubles and invest in your future. You need one another. Let the natural beauty of the Chateau Lake Louise area seep into your pores, let the warmth of your partner’s touch warm your body, let their eyes take in grandeur that is you, and the words you share build a sacred place between the two of you. Come and continue to fall in love all over again.


You will fall in love all over again at the Banff Couples Conference on February 21 to 23, 2014. There are still spots available for this year’s conference.
To register for this year’s conference go to http://www.banffcouplesconference.com/

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