Our Favorite Date Nights

Part of staying strong in your marriage is getting out of ruts by stopping doing the same old thing all the time. Let me ask you this: have you ever gone on a date with your spouse – maybe for dinner – and just stared at each other – not quite knowing what to say? You may have experienced this less than stellar kind of date were asking, what can get the conversation rolling and the romantic juices flowing again? Where is the spice that brings back the life in our marriage? Well, here are some of our all time favorite date nights to inspire you, brought to you by your very own BCC committee members.

Rod & Judy

For Rod, no date is better than taking Judy out for a bite to eat. They get talking over dinner. Next they are burning up the dance floor…once the heat is turned up, they take it home… What a night!

Judy’s ideal date is slightly different. Judy loves talking to Rod as they drive out to their vacation property. The drive gives them lots of uninterrupted conversation time. Once they arrive, they sit out on the deck, under the stars while sipping a glass of wine.

Clay & Kate

What really gets Clay & Kate excited is going out to try a new ethnic food, like Peruvian or Ethiopian. Also, before a date, they each try to make time to read articles of personal interest. Then, even though Kate and Clay like reading about different things, they discuss the latest news over dinner.

Victor & Chelsey

Nothing stimulates conversation better for Chelsey & Victor than going out for a walk together. They used to go out for dinner and do the stare down, but no more! Taking a stroll to a coffee shop about 45 mins walk away is their little secret. The movement really stimulates talking about all things; the good, the bad, you name it! With kids at home, sometimes all their is time for is a short reprieve together and this one fits the bill.

Ray & Margaret

A special date for Ray and Margaret takes them to the mountains of Banff.
Their day warms up on the drive, by having free time to talk in the car. Bow Falls is their first destination. Once they are full of the sights they move on to the second course: The Banff Springs Hotel. Inside the busy hub, they seek out the organ room, quiet and secluded. They each find a place to sit down and journal individually. Next, they enjoy the entrée together: sharing each other’s contemplations. It’s amazing to them how different each other’s perspectives are, and yet how well they weave together.

Joe & Jacqueline

To check out of the daily grind Jacqueline and Joe like to book a hotel, even if it’s only in downtown Calgary, and check into each other. It’s nice to truly relax by taking a day and a half off for each other. They like to start by going out for dinner, and having wine without worrying about driving. Sometimes they will rent an in-room movie (even though their sound system is better at home). Jacqueline relishes the fact that everything is walking distance from the hotel…She finds there is so much tireless driving in everyday life and its refreshing to walk to everywhere, allowing them to give each other their full attention.

Whatever date suits your fancy, it’s important to connect through the pillar of conversation. Keep exchanging. Relax, have fun. Let your hair down (or keep it up); just keep the words moving between each other. Appreciate each other’s differences (after all, if we were all the same how fun would that be?) Enjoy the little things. Not every date has to cost a fortune, but if it does embrace and celebrate it. Feel the love between each other and let it melt in.



What gets your date mojo on?

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